Instant Approval for Business SPG card


Unfortunately I see about 5 posts a day on this card, which is sickening. However, I am not blogging about it to try to get a referral. I wanted to blog about why I signed up for it.

A few months ago, everyone seemed to agree that this was a great card to sign up for and hold. As i read more blogs, more bloggers seemed to be lukewarm about this card.

Compared to the other fee cards, this offers little value. IHG (Priority Club), Hyatt Visa, and the Marriott card all offer a free night with the annual fee. However, in my situation, I really need the 2 stay credits and 5 night credit towards elite status. I want the 5 nights to make it to the 50 nights total this year to get my 8 suite awards.

I will also need it next year as I will try to requalify on stays. I will use the 2 stay credits and use the points to for stays to reach Platinum. I just cancelled the personal SPG card a few weeks ago, hoping to churn it next year. Being that this is offered yearly, I’ll get this bonus next year as well on the personal card and that should help with the status requalification.

To me, I’m fairly loyal to SPG as i believe they offer the best benefits. Another chain I would try is Hyatt but I don’t have many points with them. Also, there are no Hyatt hotels in China near where I would be sent for work so it just doesn’t make sense for me. There is a nice Sheraton near our engineering office in China, where I spent about 40 nights at in the last two years.

Because of all the credit card minimum spend, I have neglected putting spend on my SPG cards. Hopefully I will stop applying for cards later this year to focus on putting more spend on the SPG card for additional Starpoints.


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