About Running For Status

This is a blog about running marathons all over the world and earning status at the same time. There will also be some posts about traveling as I got hooked on traveling after traveling for marathons.

My first marathon was Cox Providence Marathon in May 2011 mainly because of a Groupon deal. I have ran 11 marathons in the last two years and the most marathons I’ve done is 9 marathons in a year in 7 different states and 3 different continents. My goal is to run 30 before I turn 30. I am a member of Marathon Maniacs.

My goal is to run a marathon on every continent, which I expect to finish by September 2014. Once I’m done with that, I will focus on running a marathon on all 50 states.

The hobby I neglected because of my running and traveling is snowboarding. I hope to devote more time for it this winter.

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and currently employed at an engineering firm outside of Boston. I currently reside in Boston.

You can follow me on twitter @running4status or my Facebook page.


4 thoughts on “About Running For Status

  1. The next two years would be 19, so I would run 30 marathons before I’m 30. It’ll be quite some time before I start training to qualify for Boston. Hope to run sub 4 at Chicago and hopefully 3:30 sometime next year.

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